What is a warehouse cleaning plan?

A clean and efficient warehouse is an important component of your company’s safety and organisation efforts. Not only does a safe and well-functioning warehouse reduce the risk of accidents, it can improve efficiency in many different areas.

The best way to organise regular warehouse cleaning is by creating a warehouse cleaning plan. This details all the tasks your employees should undertake on a daily, weekly, monthly, and biannual basis. A plan is useful because it allocates a rota for everyone to follow and includes a checklist to ensure tasks are completed.

Below, we outline the key benefits of warehouse cleaning and provide a number of hints and tips on how you can plan your cleaning routine.

Key benefits of warehouse cleaning

There are a number of advantages to planning and undertaking regular warehouse cleaning, including:

1. Health and safety

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees. This means you should have procedures in place to prevent injuries and keep people safe. A disorganised, messy warehouse is a health hazard. So invest in cleaning to reduce accidents and sick days.

2. Increased efficiency

A clean warehouse is an efficient warehouse. No longer will staff have to contend with disorder. Regular warehouse cleaning maintains high standards and increases efficiency, leading to greater productivity. Especially when other systems are utilised.

3. Better inventory coordination

Ensuring a clean warehouse allows for better stock inventory management. If your warehouse is usually disorganised, it can be difficult to control stock and allocate space. A cleaner environment also reduces the risk of damaged stock inventory.

Creating a warehouse cleaning plan

Establishing a warehouse cleaning plan will help you thoroughly plan the cleaning process. By breaking down tasks and allocating time periods for cleaning, your employees will have a detailed and easy to follow cleaning schedule.

Industrial cleaning is an ongoing process, so break down the tasks into manageable daily, weekly, monthly, and twice-yearly projects. Establishing a checklist, rota, and cleaning schedule will ensure vital jobs are completed to a high standard.

Key cleaning tasks to undertake

1. Immediate tasks

  • Spillages, Unused packaging and other hazards need to be cleaned immediately to prevent accidents and injury.

2. Daily tasks

  • Tasks like sweeping floors and recycling excess packaging can be done on a daily basis to ensure continued operation and safety.

3. Weekly tasks

  • Some tasks can be done weekly. These include removing empty pallets and storage containers, and cleaning floors more thoroughly.

4. Monthly tasks

  • Less frequent monthly tasks include cleaning warehouse ventilation systems, dusting rafters and shelving, and servicing equipment.

5. Biannual tasks

  • Some tasks only need to be done twice a year, such as stripping the flooring, removing old stock inventory, and storage upgrades.

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What is a warehouse cleaning plan?