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Ideal vacuum extraction equipment for the food industry

The ACS Cleaning team are leaders in providing full service industrial cleaning, and use only the most advanced and specialised equipment to provide our unrivalled vacuum extraction services. Our bespoke vacuum cleaning systems are designed and developed solely for the food industry, which has allowed us to assist an abundance of food manufacturers in not only nullifying industry-related risks, but also reducing the chances of cross-contamination occurring within their industrial process plants.


If you require a solution for material spillage removal and recovery in your industrial process plants, take advantage of the vacuum extraction services from ACS Cleaning today by calling 01254 693 131.

Providing our vacuum extraction services across the UK


Our nationwide vacuum extraction services are completed using innovative industrial vacuum/hydro excavating technology.

This approach not only reduces service costs by potentially 50%, but also decreases service time so that the process has a minimal effect on your business’s productivity.

On top of this, our vacuum extraction services pose a variety of further benefits, such as:

  • Helping your business remain compliant with UK food safety and hygiene regulations
  • The effective removal of product using our zero emission bagging units
  • ACS Cleaning can provide industry specific industrial hoppers that are tailored to your business
Why silo cleaning is important


ACS Cleaning are committed to providing all of our clients with an unrivalled service, so by choosing our vacuum extraction services you can rest assured knowing that your business remains compliant with the latest UK regulations.


We complete each vacuum extraction task by completing the five simple steps below. Our unique vacuum extraction process concludes by awarding you with a certificate and report, which includes detailed information on your silo and its improved levels of cleanliness.

Giro Whip Cleaning service is available now



A leading UK based bakery recently contacted the expert team at ACS Cleaning, as they required a complete inspection and clean of one of the sugar silos at their premises. Three experienced rope access and confined space trained technicians were assigned to the task, to look for the cause of a blockage within the silo that was stopping the flow of sugar into the production plant.

Once the ACS Cleaning team arrived at the premises, we quickly began completing our specialist silo inspection and cleaning process. This included working on the following areas:

  • The general structure of the silo
  • Intake pipe
  • Filter housing
  • Explosion panels

After inspecting each of the above areas, it became clear that the air filters and general structure of the silo required the most attention.

Once the inspection was complete, our specialist cleaning team began the cleaning operation. This includes the use of the ACS vacuum unit and mobile hopper bagging plant to extract the product by sucking within the silo and storing it into bags on site ready for transportation. After completing the process, the client was absolutely thrilled with the end result.

As is the case with any silo task performed by our team, following a completed operational cleaning task, we provided the client with a complete list of recommendations to help maintain their silo in the future.


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