Deep Cleaning Services

ACS Specialist Cleaning can provide deep cleaning solutions to all businesses

Experienced deep cleaners servicing the North West

ACS Specialist Cleaning provide a specialist deep cleaning service to businesses in the industrial and commercial sectors across the UK.

A simple ACS Hygiene Survey will enable us to highlight any problem areas and help you to plan to solve them. We will then tailor our services to fit your exact requirements whether that’s a one-off pre-audit clean or a deep cleaning programme at regular intervals. We work with you in partnership for such an important aspect of your business.

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Deep Cleaning and Food Hygiene

ACS Specialist Cleaning clean huge food production bakeries to ready meal production and everything else in-between. Air supply and extraction ducting systems. Grease deposits on upper levels removed, ATEX compliant where needed. Pre audit assessment and proposal. Vantage is specialist for solving hygiene problems and can comprehensively deep clean any food production environment.

Having worked for some of the UK’s biggest food manufacturers and suppliers, we have the experience to tackle all types of environments, equipment, structures and fabrics, while our dedicated on-site Managers are specialist-trained to the highest standards.

What Our Deep Cleaning Services Include

The ACS Specialist Cleaning team offer an array of deep cleaning solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Pre-audit cleans
  • High Level
  • Production Lines and conveyors
  • Chillers and freezers
  • Spiral coolers
  • Industrial ovens such as Spooner
  • Silos and other storage facilities
  • Air supply and extraction systems
  • Decontamination/disinfection
  • Hygiene Team Training
  • Food standards agency requirements
  • Pre and post report and Certificate of cleanliness issued

ACS Specialist Cleaning offer a wide range of decontamination cleaning services.

Our industry accreditations and memberships

Our deep cleaning process –
5 simple steps with ACS Specialist Cleaning

We complete each deep cleaning task by completing the five simple steps below. At the end of each clean, ACS Specialist Cleaning will provide you with a detailed report, photographic evidence, a swab test analysis and a valid hygiene or cleanliness certification so you can rest assured knowing that your site is compliant with the latest HSE regulations.


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Deep Cleaning FAQs

For more information regarding our deep cleaning services, take a look through the most frequently asked questions, where we’ve assembled answers to the most popular questions from our clients, new and old. Can’t find the answer to the question in hand? Give us a call on  and speak to one of our friendly team, who will be happy to help with any further questions about our deep cleaning service you may have.

The deep clean of an industrial area typically includes:

  • Floor cleaning and degreasing
  • Duct and ventilation system cleaning
  • Machine and equipment cleaning and degreasing
  • Cable and lighting track and tray cleaning
  • Restroom and public area sanitisation
  • Kitchen and food production area deep cleaning
  • Cleaning of public and office space
  • Waste and rubbish disposal
  • High level difficult sections
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Racking cleaning

ACS Specialist Cleaning Services are flexible – our cleaning services are tailored to suit you. We can work at night or over the weekend to minimise disruption to your staff and day-to-day business.

Machinery and equipment that has a direct impact on human health through the risk of contamination must all be cleaned regularly to a professional standard. This is often governed by law and strict regulations.


Kitchen extraction systems must be cleaned on an annual basis. We also strongly recommend that any other ventilation systems in a building with a commercial kitchen also be cleaned at the same time, as grease and dust from the kitchen is often fed into the main system.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems and ducts should be cleaned every 1 to 3 years, depending on the size and footfall of the premises. 

Food Storage

Silos and confined spaces must be maintained to a standard which can only be offered by a regulated contractor.

Find out more about how the ACS Specialist Cleaning team carry out silo cleaning using the latest technology.