Giro Whip Cleaning

Giro Whip Cleaning is a cost-effective and significantly safe silo cleaning solution

Binwhip Cleaning from ACS is a revolutionary service

If you are seeking a fast, safe and cost-efficient solution for cleaning and maintaining hoppers, bins and silos that are used in the bulk handling of solids throughout the processing system, then look no further than the Giro Whip technology from ACS Cleaning. Using Giro Whip technology for tank and silo cleaning is also a safer method when compared to some of the more traditional specialist cleaning solutions, as it fully complies with regulation 4 of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997.

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How does giro whip cleaning technology work?

The Giro Whip methodology is 100 per cent remote, so any potentially dangerous situations are always avoided. The whole process can be put together very quickly, and is built from lightweight aluminium, it is very cost-effective and completely manoeuvrable.

The motor is powered using compressed air, and the cleaning process can be done by an individual operator. There are several types of cutters that can be used with the revolving head, so it is effective against all kinds of materials, and will not cause any damage to the walls.

A unit comprises of an alloy boom that is lowered into position through the entrance hole at the top of the container. This can reach down to a maximum of 6.4 metres which is more than adequate for most jobs. Attached to a flexible hose is the motor drive, which be extended up to 45 metres. With total control and complete manoeuvrability, the Giro Whip system is the logical way to keep silos, bins and hoppers functioning at maximum efficiency.

Why choose professional binwhip silo cleaning services?

• Reduces risk of contamination
• Removes built up material
• Recovery of lost materials
• Maximises flow of silo and efficiency
• Recovery of lost storage capacity, restore silo back to peak capacity
• Blockages, resulting in downtime and money lost for your business

• All ACS technicians are City and Guilds confined space and rescue trained, rope access and first aid trained in line with confined space regs 1997

Our industry accreditations and memberships

Silo cleaning process –
5 simple steps with ACS cleaning

ACS Cleaning are committed to providing all of our clients with an unrivalled service when cleaning your tanks and silo’s. We complete each silo cleaning task by completing the five simple steps below. At the end of each clean, ACS Cleaning will provide you with a detailed report, photographic evidence, a swab test analysis and a valid hygiene or cleanliness certification so you can rest assured knowing that your silo is compliant with the latest HSE regulations.


Giro Whip Cleaning service is available now

ACS Cleaning carry out silo cleaning process at bakery solutions firm

Three rope access and confined space trained technicians from ACS cleaning recently visited the premises of a major UK based bakery plant, to complete an inspection and clean of one of their flour silos.

The purpose of the work was to remove the hardened product that was limiting the flow of material from the silo. Also, we had to look for signs of contaminated product, alongside deterioration and damage within the silo and associated pipe-work which may present a risk of product contamination.

The team were asked specifically asked to:

  • Remove any remaining bulk product
  • Handle moisture build up and contaminated product within the dead space area
  • Look for damage present and/or foreseeable problem areas
  • Clean air filters and the DCE housing
  • Compile a photographic record of the condition of the silo and of any work carried out

How we deployed the Giro Whip System

Our effective Gyro-Whip system was used to break up the hang-up located on the side walls. Access was gained using a 31m Truck Mounted MEWP. The product was then vacuumed from the silo and subsequently fed through our hopper bagging unit.

Approximately 28 FIBC bags (13 ton) was removed from the silo. A clean of the internal area of the silo was completed once the bulk material had been removed. The client was absolutely delighted with the service that was provided from the ACS Cleaning team.

Upon completion of this task, we provided the client with a full detailed report of all the work that was completed. Included within this report was a list of recommendations to help the client maintain their silo in the future, a service that comes as standard with every silo cleaning task that we complete.