Specialist Height Access Cleaning Services

Effective and efficient commercial window cleaning services

Commercial & high- level window cleaning:

ACS Specialist Cleaning Ltd, specialises in all aspects of commercial window cleaning and we pride ourselves in being able to reach any glazing or façade, regardless of its location.

We work effectively and efficiently to offer realistic and competitive costs, using the very latest equipment and access techniques. Our range of services are compatible with all commercial buildings and structures.

Our window cleaning techniques include:  Rope access / abseiling, Reach & wash and truck- mounted access window cleaning. This enables our technicians to access all the difficult to reach areas of a building causing minimal disruption.

Prior to any window cleaning works, we complete a full site survey and Health & Safety review, documenting individual methods & risk assessments. Our range of services cover all commercial building types, from schools and universities to high rise office blocks.

To find out more about how our leading commercial window cleaning team can help your business, call ACS Cleaning on 01254 693131 now.

Cladding & façade cleaning support: The optimum way to restore a building’s exterior.

Cladding is a material fixed to the structure of a building and is used to protect the façade from the elements. It is also used to assist in the temperature regulation process of a structure, saving energy and ultimately money on energy costs.

Cladding is also used for decorative purposes to make a building stand out from those around it, giving an overall high standard impression of the building.

ACS Specialist Cleaning Ltd have 25 years’ experience in the cleaning & restoration of a range of cladding facades, including composite, aluminium, wood, stone & glazed facades. All of which are needing a careful approach to ensure they are cleaned to the highest of standards, without causing surface damage.

We provide various cleaning techniques to remove contaminants from the building surface, which can involve, pressure washing, water-fed pole cleaning and soft washing, with access obtained utilising a truck mounted platform or rope access techniques.

Our free consultation allows us to recommend the safest and most efficient way of working exactly to your building requirements.

Rooftop, guttering cleaning and maintenance.

Adverse weather conditions can often be a cause of damage to roof tops, guttering and fascia of a building. All of which can lead to water ingress and cause further internal damage.

ACS Specialist cleaning Ltd can respond swiftly and carry out any urgent repairs, ensuring that your premises remain safe and free from further damage and business disruption.

Build-up of algae, moss and debris are the primary cause of pipework and guttering blockages which can also lead to internal water ingress and further damage.

ACS provide additional cleaning services to remove and clean all rooftop surfaces and guttering, minimising further damage and keeping your rooftops in the condition that is required to avoid further business disruption.

With our specialist fleet of truck mounted platforms ranging from 31m – 70m and team of rope access technicians, you can be assured that we have the solutions for any working at height and can take full control of your project.

Our industry accreditations and memberships

Our high-level cleaning process –
5 simple steps with ACS cleaning

We complete each high-level cleaning task by completing the five simple steps below. At the end of each clean, ACS Cleaning will provide you with a detailed report, photographic evidence, a swab test analysis and a valid hygiene or cleanliness certification.


Bird netting installation services

Bird nets are a highly effective bird deterrent providing a discreet and impenetrable barrier that will protect the underside of canopies, roof space and other nesting points without harming the birds.

Our pest proofing team use heavy duty bird netting manufactured from knotted black polyethylene. The bird netting is held tightly in place on a building, by attaching it to a tensioned wire which runs around the periphery of the area being netted. It does not absorb water, does not stretch and is chemically inert. It is UV-light-stabilised for use in direct sunlight. Black is the standard colour used, as it blends in best with the surrounding environment. We can also offer other colours should you have a specific requirement. Bird netting is available in a variety of sizes depending on the pest bird that is causing the issue. We can offer bird netting for Gulls, pigeons and other small garden birds, as well as game bird pens.

Call the rope access cleaning experts

Our proofing installation team are rope access qualified and fully working at height trained, and are able to clean the space, disinfect, and remove any old features of the building which may been damaged as a result of the problem. So, whether access is by rope access or via truck mounted access, ACS have the perfect application to provide speedy and cost- effective solutions for effective netting instalment.