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Welcome to ACS Cleaning, a company that has over 20 years’ experience in providing high level cleaning services. Our expert team specialises in assisting companies within the food and industrial sectors in complying with all UK food safety and hygiene regulations. One of the most popular services that we offer to help our clients stay compliant is our silo cleaning service, a service that is effectively completed whilst causing minimum disruption to your company’s work output.


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Why silo cleaning is important

It is a legal requirement to ensure that your silo systems are maintained to a sufficient standard and by a competent contractor, as Regulation 3 of the Confined Space Regulations 1997 states that you should take all reasonably practicable steps to engage competent contractors.

It is crucial that if you have any concerns with regards to the cleanliness or standards of your silo system, you should contact a member of the ACS Cleaning team today on 01254 693 131.

If your business’ silo systems are deemed to be inadequate or un maintained, you could face an array of serious consequences but having regular maintenance and cleaning works carried out will prevent this, the benefits are listed below.

  • Reduces risk of contamination
  • Removes built up material
  • Recovery of lost materials
  • Maximises flow of silo and efficiency
  • Recovery of lost storage capacity, restore silo back to peak capacity
  • Blockages, resulting in downtime and money lost for your business
  • All ACS technicians are City and Guilds confined space and rescue trained/ Rope access and first aid trained in line with confined space regs 1997
Why silo cleaning is important


ACS Cleaning are committed to providing all of our clients with an unrivalled service, so by choosing our team to clean your silo’s you can rest assured knowing that your silo is compliant with the latest HSE regulations.


At the end of each clean, ACS Cleaning will provide you with a detailed report, photographic evidence, a swab test analysis and a valid hygiene or cleanliness certification.


We complete each silo cleaning task by completing the five simple steps below. Our unique silo cleaning process concludes by awarding you with a certificate and report, which includes detailed information on your silo and its improved levels of cleanliness.

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One of the UK’s leading providers of agricultural and rural supplies got in touch with the dedicated team at ACS Cleaning, to have one of their animal feed silos rigorously inspected and cleaned. The ACS Cleaning team were happy to take on the task, and subsequently sent three highly trained rope access and confined space technicians to the premises to complete the process.

Firstly, an inspection had to be carried out to look for the cause of a blockage within the silo preventing the flow of feed into the production plant. Once any blockages had been identified, they were then resolved by our specialist cleaning team.

In particular, the three-member team were asked specifically to look for and provide:

  • Cause for the loss of flow from the silo.
  • Moisture build up and contaminated product within the dead space area.
  • Any damage present and/or foreseeable problem areas
  • A dry clean and brush down internal surfaces and remove blockage
  • A photographic record of the condition of the silo and of any work carried out.

With around two tons of product removed in total, the ACS Cleaning team identified that the blockage / hang-up was located around the bottom cone section of the silo structure. The product had hardened and restricted the flow into the screw below.

A dry clean and brush down of the internal area of the silo was carried out, cleaning side walls and underside of silo roof. Following completion of the silo cleaning process, ACS Cleaning provided the client with a complete list of recommendations to help maintain the silo, which included organising an annual visit from our team to ensure regular inspections.


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