Cleaning and Maintenance of Agricultural Silos

Farmers frequently use silos to store organic materials such as wheat, grain, and livestock feed, which need protection from harsh environmental conditions. Silos offer a secure and efficient storage solution, ensuring that large quantities of these essential materials are kept safe. In addition to grains and feed, silos are also employed to store other materials like wood chips and agricultural by products, preserving them for future use and maintaining their quality. This versatility makes silos an indispensable asset for modern farming operations.

For all types of farmers, routinely cleaning feed storage areas, containers, and equipment is vital to prevent contamination and minimise disease risk. While silos primarily serve as storage units, they also play a crucial role in protecting produce from moisture, mould, ultraviolet light, and insects. Furthermore, silos help prevent chemical cross-contamination.

Maintaining the health of livestock is paramount for farmers, and a key component of this is ensuring clean feed storage. Adhering to strict hygiene and cleanliness standards, including regular inspection and cleaning of feed silos, is not only a regulatory requirement but also critical for preventing contamination and disease.

Beyond regulatory compliance, prioritising cleanliness and hygiene in feed storage directly impacts the health and productivity of livestock and crops, thereby contributing to economic success.

Regular silo maintenance is also crucial for farmers to ensure the longevity and efficiency of their silo structures. By prioritising silo maintenance, farmers can prevent costly repairs, reduce downtime, and maintain the quality of their stored materials. With ACS Cleaning’s expert silo repair and maintenance services, farmers can trust that their silos are in good hands.

Benefits of Professional Silo Cleaning Services

To stay compliant and generally safe from a hygienic point of view, hiring a professional silo cleaning service like ACS Cleaning is recommended. With over 25 years’ experience, ACS Specialist Cleaning provides high-quality ISO certified silo cleaning and evacuation services, catering to the needs of stakeholders across the agricultural sector. Contact us today for a free quote or survey.

ACS Specialist Cleaning has the expertise to clean and empty silos of all sizes, optimising efficiency and productivity while enhancing safety and reducing maintenance expenses for the agricultural sector across the United Kingdom. 

While the scheduled cleaning of a silo may lead to brief periods of operational downtime, the process is essential for maintaining food safety standards and operational efficiency across various agricultural sectors. Failure to clean silos regularly can result in blockages, disrupting operations and causing significant delays. 

Why Choose ACS Cleaning?

Therefore, to keep operations moving along safely, we recommend you clean your silo after every emptying. ACS Cleaning specialises in providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of farmers. Let’s explore why ACS Cleaning is the preferred choice for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of silos in agricultural settings.

  • Efficient Cleaning and Safety Measures: ACS Cleaning utilises advanced vacuum cleaning techniques and dust control measures to remove old residues from silos, ensuring optimal storage conditions and creating a safer environment for agricultural operations. 
  • 24/7 Support: Offering round-the-clock emergency assistance, ACS Cleaning helps farmers promptly address urgent maintenance needs, preventing disruptions to their operations.
  • Equipment Longevity and Regulatory Compliance: Regular cleaning and maintenance by ACS Cleaning extend the lifespan of silo equipment, ensuring regulatory compliance and avoiding costly repairs or replacements.
  • Peace of Mind: Entrusting silo cleaning to ACS Cleaning allows farmers to focus on core activities, knowing their silos are ready for action whenever they need them. 


Once ACS Cleaning has concluded a cleaning session, we provide a comprehensive report, photographic evidence, a swab test analysis, and a valid hygiene or cleanliness certification. This ensures that your silo meets the latest HSE regulations, giving you peace of mind about its compliance and safety standards.

ACS Cleaning is the premier choice for silo cleaning, repair, and maintenance services in the agricultural sector. Our expert team provides comprehensive solutions to keep your silos in top condition. With our 25+ years of experience and ISO certification, farmers can trust ACS Cleaning to provide high-quality services that prioritise the health and productivity of farm silo structures. Make the right choice for the health of your livestock and crops. Call us now at 0800 774 7750 or visit our website to request a free quote or survey


Cleaning and Maintenance of Agricultural Silos