Choose ACS Access for Specialist Access Equipment

ACS Access have been successfully supplying a wide range of hire truck mounted platforms for a variety of sectors over the years. From building inspections to silo maintenance and cleaning, ACS Access can effectively solve specific challenges each client presents by providing specialist access equipment.

The ACS Access team is both SafeContractor approved and PASMA qualified.

What is Specialist Access Equipment?

Specialist access equipment can be required for a number of different reasons. Commonly, when conducting maintenance, inspection or cleaning at height or in a confined space, specialist access equipment is typically required in order to carry out these tasks safely and meet legal requirements. Additionally, in some cases, the ground or surface that is being worked on could be potentially uneven – meaning that it is difficult to work on.

The ACS Access Truck Mounted Platform Fleet

With access to a comprehensive fleet, ensuring that ACS access are able to perform the necessary tasks for clients, the team pride themselves on safety and value for money. As a result, those who use ACS Access know that whether they’re looking for window cleaning on a high rise building or a football stadium maintenance check – ACS Access’s fleet will have their needs covered.

The ACS access fleet includes:

  • Ascendant 22m
  • Ruthmann TK310
  • Bronto S38XDT & B-CW400 Cage Winch
  • Palfinger WT450
  • Palfinger P480
  • Ruthmann T510HF
  • Palfinger WT530
  • Ruthmann T630
  • Palfinger WT700
  • Bronte Skylift S 56 XR

Sectors Covered by ACS Access

Specialist access equipment is required for a wealth of industry sectors, including:

  • TV & Media
  • Wind Turbine Maintenance
  • Telecommunications
  • Building Inspections
  • Window Cleaning
  • Football Stadium Maintenance
  • Building Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Silo Maintenance

Contact ACS Access for Specialist Access Equipment

The ACS Access team are sure to have your needs covered regarding truck mounted platform hire. With a broad range of hire truck mounted platforms suitable for a multitude of sectors, ACS Access are a well established and trusted expert in their field.

Get in touch online or alternatively, you can call their friendly team on 01254 693 131.

Choose ACS Access for Specialist Access Equipment