What are the benefits of contract cleaning?

Hiring a professional, specialist cleaning company to frequently clean and maintain your premises is a no brainer if you operate in an industry that requires consistent high levels of hygiene.

However worryingly, companies across the UK are still mainly relying on under qualified employees to keep their premises clean, in an attempt to cut costs.

Adopting this approach not only puts the health of your workforce at risk, but also exposes you to disciplinary action for failing to adhere to hygiene standards and regulations.

So, in our latest news post, we give you a few reasons why you should consider hiring a specialist cleaning team to help you maintain your workspace, and protect your business.

Make savings on costs and time

The main reason as to why employers don’t hire contract cleaners is to save time and money, when in reality hiring a specialist cleaning firm can save you more money than you would by relying on staff or hiring a cleaner directly.

Creating a cleaning rota for staff is not a valuable use of your workforces’ time, and in addition to this you can never be 100% sure that staff will complete a sufficient clean.

Whereas by instructing a specialist cleaning company you can rest assured that your premises will be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.

On top of this, you do not have to worry about forking out for cleaning supplies.

Contract cleaning companies can purchase supplies wholesale to reduce costs, which will be reflected in the contract agreement.

Improve workforce productivity and morale

In addition to the additional time staff will have as a result of not having to worry about fulfilling cleaning duties, productivity is also likely to improve as a result of a clean working environment.

If your employees are assured that their working space is looked after, the likelihood is they will then feel more valued.

All of this will then have a positive knock on effect as to how you are viewed by your employees, which will subsequently improve employee work ethic and morale.

Maintain health and safety standards

One of the more obvious benefits of using contract cleaning services is improved levels of health and safety.

Regular, professional cleaning will combat the spread of dirt, grime and allergens that build up in dirty environments.

If build up begins to spiral out of control, not only can the spread of germs potentially put the health of your employees at risk but it can also open you up to facing disciplinary procedures for failing to meet hygiene standards.

Both these risks can pose financial threats for companies of all shapes and sizes, so it is certainly not work cutting corners when it comes to maintaining health and safety in the workplace.

Enhance the reputation of your business

Having a clean and pleasant working environment is also pivotal in building a strong image/reputation for your company.

As everyone knows, first impressions count, so it is crucial that all key areas of your premises are maintained and presentable.

If you are hosting a meeting with a valuable client or high profile guest, things will run more smoothly if they are impressed on arrival.

Benefit from the expertise of a specialist!

As mentioned briefly earlier, by opting for a contract cleaning agreement with a specialist cleaning firm, you will take advantage of a wealth of experience and expertise, giving you peace of mind knowing all your cleaning requirements are being handled effectively.

At ACS Cleaning Ltd we have an experienced team of cleaning specialists who provide a high standard of service, every time.

We work with cutting-edge specialist equipment to deliver the cleaning solution you need, whatever the industry.

Find out why many reputable businesses have chosen ACS Cleaning Ltd for their cleaning requirements by exploring our professional cleaning services today.

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What are the benefits of contract cleaning?