How do you clean a silo?

At ACS Cleaning, we regularly provide our leading silo cleaning services to a variety of different companies, to ensure that they remain compliant with industry regulations.

Regular silo cleaning creates a plethora of economical and hygiene related benefits, but how exactly does our specialist team complete the challenging silo cleaning procedure?

Well, in our latest news article, ACS Cleaning provide an insight to how exactly we complete the process, and explain why we are one of the popular specialist cleaning companies in the UK.


The industrial cleaning team at ACS Cleaning compete every silo cleaning job with the upmost attention and care. Firstly, before we begin the silo cleaning procedure, we must ensure that the structure is completely empty.

The health and safety of our cleaning team is at the centre of all the work that we carry out, which is why we only use the most up to date and approved equipment to help us effectively complete every silo cleaning task.

For many years, it has been standard in silo cleaning to lower someone into the unit so that they can begin the cleaning process, however here at ACS Cleaning we think differently.

Our innovative giro-whip cleaning system provides a safe, effective and economical silo cleaning solution for structures that are used in the bulk handling of solids throughout the processing system. By using our revolutionary giro-whip system, our team are able to complete silo cleaning tasks remotely, and therefore avoid the hazards that are associated with manual silo cleaning whilst also complying with Regulation 4 of the Confined Space Regulations 1997.

On top of this, our giro-whip systems are powered by compressed air, and boasts several different cutter types that can be used via the systems’ revolving head. So, it is easily capable of removing all materials without damaging the silo’s walls.

Our giro-whip system is able to reach down to well over 50 meters, so is certainly more than adequate for most silo cleaning jobs. To learn more about how the ACS Cleaning team can help you clean your silo, visit our dedicated giro-whip cleaning page today.


Ensuring that your silo is maintained to a sufficient standard is absolutely pivotal, especially if your business is situated within the food and drinks manufacturing and processing sector. Silo’s are key in storing bulk supplies such as grain, flour, oil and salt, materials that can easily cause blockages or cling together.

In addition to this, your silo has more chance of becoming a breeding ground for SPI’s (Stored Product Insects) if it is not regularly cleaned. This issue can substantially reduce the quality of the product and cause food contamination issues

If silo hygiene is not maintained, cross contamination is highly likely meaning the end consumer is at risk. If this situation unfolds within your company, you are then at risk of incurring a series potentially catastrophic implications such as fines, temporary closures and more.

However, if you are concerned over the hygiene of your silo, ACS can help. Learn more about our silo cleaning services now.

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How do you clean a silo?