Four epic benefits of foam or gel cleaning you should know about

The demands on facility managers to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene have increased considerably, with ever more stringent rules to adhere to. As this is for the health and safety of the workforce and customers, it’s accepted as a vital component of modern management. However, it can be time-consuming and demanding of substantial amounts of man-hours. Using foam or gel to achieve a deep clean provides a number of advantages over other methods.


Foam and gel are applied via a lance or hose, with a nozzle, and can be directed to areas which are difficult to reach; this can include large and awkwardly shaped or placed fixtures. As they cling to the surface, they will continue to be effective until rinsed, unlike many liquid detergents, which would make brief contact before running down to pool in lower areas.


While using foam or gel does not remove the necessity for additional action, it does reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the whole operation. With a thin detergent, each section of a room would have to have the cleaning substance applied, before being scrubbed and rinsed and then the same process taking place in the next section. However, as stated, foam and gel can be sprayed across all the surfaces and will cling until you are ready to clean that part of the room. If soiling isn’t excessive, pressure hosing can be enough to achieve a thorough clean.


We all wish we could take as much time as we felt necessary to complete this kind of vital task, but the sad fact is that we’re always under pressure to finish as quickly as possible and move on to the next job. This usually means allotting more staff to ensure you meet the time targets and that costs money as well as taking people away from other duties. Using foam or gel allows one person to complete a job that might otherwise be given to two, three or more workers, because the substance is working on the surface from the moment of application and can be removed by one person wielding a pressure hose.


When the detergent you apply runs down and only serves to clean the floor, you must apply more to the higher areas, which adds up to a lot of wasted detergent. As foam and gel stay where they’re put, this eliminates that wasteful element, saving you money as well as time.The use of foam and gel can improve your company’s time management considerably, without compromising hygiene at all. In an efficiency-driven market, it’s one advantage that’s easy to grab.

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Four epic benefits of foam or gel cleaning you should know about