5 Tips to prevent blocked silos in food production

As we all know, maintaining your silo to a high standard is most definitely not an easy job! On top of this, it’s made even more difficult when you’re trying to get the most out of your silo and it is in regular use.

How To Prevent Silo Blockages

If this is a problem you’re constantly facing, then don’t worry! The 5 tips below that have been compiled by the ACS Cleaning team will help ensure you have the best possible chance of maintaining your food production silo.


Consistent maintenance and cleaning on your silo is a necessity if you’re wanting to make sure that blockages don’t build up in your silo. Good keeping always ensures that your silo is in its best condition and ready for the next load, so you won’t have any worries about problems later down the line.

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Unloading your silo is another situation where possible blockages can occur. If not done correctly, you can end up with certain foods and dirt blocking the exit points and that’s helpful for nobody in your company. Therefore, it is crucial that you take time and care when unloading your food production silo, to nullify the chances of blockages happening.


If you’re trying to avoid blocking up your silo, then the path towards the exit needs to be fully clear as well as the exit itself. If the silo exit has been designed poorly, then that’s almost definitely going to come back to haunt you in the future when it comes to unblocking food and dirt.


Your silo can be in danger of bridging if its holding water-absorbing food products, like sugar. After the food has fully mixed with water, it eventually bonds together and hardens into a solid. Bridging will almost always have a negatively impact on the silo’s operations.

Breaking up the bridging is the only way to remove it, so if you notice that bridging is evident in your food production silo then it is important that you action the breaking up procedure.


Always try to ensure there’s some sort of regular flow to the products you’re storing to stop blockages in your silo. By keeping those foods and dirt in a constant motion, you’ll be able to help prevent any bridging. This can require even more equipment to bring more flow to your silo.


Trying to keep your food production silo in tip-top shape isn’t the easiest job in anyway, but it’s not impossible to avoid blockages before they happen.

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5 Tips to prevent blocked silos in food production