ACS Cleaning carry out silo cleaning process at bakery solutions firm

Three rope access and confined space trained technicians from ACS cleaning recently visited the premises of a major UK based bakery plant, to complete an inspection and clean of one of their flour silos.

The Inspection & Planning Process

The purpose of the work was to remove the hardened product that was limiting the flow of material from the silo. Also, we had to look for signs of contaminated product, alongside deterioration and damage within the silo and associated pipe-work which may present a risk of product contamination.

Client Expectations

The team were asked specifically asked to:

  • Remove any remaining bulk product
  • Handle moisture build up and contaminated product within the dead space area
  • Look for damage present and/or foreseeable problem areas
  • Clean air filters and the DCE housing
  • Compile a photographic record of the condition of the silo and of any work carried out

How we deployed the Giro Whip System

Our effective Gyro-Whip system was used to break up the hang-up located on the side walls. Access was gained using a 31m Truck Mounted MEWP. The product was then vacuumed from the silo and subsequently fed through our hopper bagging unit.

Approximately 28 FIBC bags (13 ton) was removed from the silo. A clean of the internal area of the silo was completed once the bulk material had been removed. The client was absolutely delighted with the service that was provided from the ACS silo cleaning team.

Results & Aftercare

Upon completion of this task, we provided the client with a full detailed report of all the work that was completed. Included within this report was a list of recommendations to help the client maintain their silo in the future, a service that comes as standard with every silo cleaning task that we complete.

Learn more about our cost-effective and reliable giro whip cleaning service.

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ACS Cleaning carry out silo cleaning process at bakery solutions firm