ACS Cleaning effectively clean animal feed silo for major organisation

One of the UK’s leading providers of agricultural and rural supplies contacted the dedicated team at ACS Cleaning, to have one of their animal feed silos rigorously inspected and cleaned. The ACS Cleaning team were happy to take on the task, and subsequently sent three highly trained rope access and confined space technicians to the premises to complete the process.

Firstly, an inspection had to be carried out to look for the cause of a blockage within the silo preventing the flow of feed into the production plant. Once any blockages had been identified, they were then resolved by our specialist silo cleaning service team.

In particular, the three-member team were asked specifically to look for and provide:

• Cause for the loss of flow from the silo.
• Moisture build up and contaminated product within the dead space area.
• Any damage present and/or foreseeable problem areas.
• A dry clean and brush down internal surfaces and remove blockage.
• A photographic record of the condition of the silo and of any work carried out.


What we did

With around two tons of product removed in total, the ACS Cleaning team identified that the blockage / hang-up was located around the bottom cone section of the silo structure. The product had hardened and restricted the flow into the screw below.

A dry clean and brush down of the internal area of the silo was carried out, cleaning side walls and underside of silo roof.

After Care

Following completion of the silo cleaning process, ACS Cleaning provided the client with a complete list of recommendations to help maintain the silo, which included organising an annual visit from our team to ensure regular inspections.

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ACS Cleaning effectively clean animal feed silo for major organisation