Silo Repair & Maintenance

Industrial & food silo cleaning

ACS Cleaning is your first choice in commercial cleaning, we have introduced a range of silo services offering outstanding value and stellar commitment to quality and achieving results.


ACS repairs and maintains silo and storage structures built from steel, concrete, fibreglass and more materials with complex flexibility. Our experienced team and industry standard toolsets ensure you are catered for virtually all common eventualities and can resume running your business smoothly without being held back by overdue silo repairs. ACS also specialises in custom parts of your silo such as motors, chutes, doors and other fittings that are key to the smooth running of your business.


We are ISO 9001 accredited and we work hard towards making sure that work quality and standards remain high at all times because we are proud of our achievements and reputation. We are always striving to develop better and more innovative ways of enhancing efficiency. At the same time, we are reducing our own carbon footprint through using bio degradable and environmentally friendly chemicals.

ISO 9001 Accredited
Eco Friendly

Silo Maintenance

There is no better way to ensure the reliability and function of your silo than to maintain it throughout it’s operation. And the convenient services offered by ACS are designed to help you do just that.


We offer a full project management structure that is tailored to suit your needs, specifically conducted around your schedule and suited for your site. ACS makes it easy to maintain your silo’s and avoid sudden need for repair that could cost your operations. Our extensive range of skills, parts and highly trained workforce are unrivalled in managing your silo’s service needs.

Silo Painting

ACS offer painting and protection of your silo ensuring it looks and reflects your business and site highly as well as being suitably protected for the elements and the problems caused by rust.


With expertly operated and crafted paints and the very best equipment and procedures, with ACS you are in good hands in getting the most value for your money and protection for your silo assets when you decide to benefit from our experience and expertise in the realm of silo painting.

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ACS offers amongst the very best services in cleaning, repair and maintenance of your commercial and agricultural equipment. Enquire today to find out more about the services we offer to you.


We will be glad to discuss any business needs and scheduling requirements to make sure you benefit from a professional, hassle free and timely service. ACS is the only provider of these services that is fully committed to your needs and is more than happy to assist you today.

Our Cleaning Approach

From the planning stages to work conclusion, ACS brings advanced engineered solutions through our professional project management teams. We fully engage your company management to ensure best practices are upheld in line with your own company policy as well as international standards.

  • Understand

  • Define

  • Prepare

  • Implementation

  • Monitor

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