How to Create Safe, Optimal and Cost-effective Environment for Your Staff


Those in charge of commercial and industrial facilities have a duty of care towards all who use the facilities – both clientele and staff. Workers, in particular, must have a safe and clean environment in which to carry out their duties, because they form the foundation of a business’ success or otherwise. In surroundings in which colleagues feel comfortable and protected, productivity rises and, by avoiding accidents – which cause both absenteeism and legal interventions – and avoidable sickness, costs are kept to a minimum.

Safety is everybody’s concern

All members of staff should have adequate training on how to maintain a safe and healthy workplace; if you all understand why an action is necessary, it’s far more likely that you will all remember it and be prepared to carry it out. In most cases, certain individuals will have responsibility in a specific area; everybody should be made aware of who to approach if they have concerns or need advice regarding any of these areas. A poster is an easy way to accomplish this, as well as by directly informing workers via memos and meetings.

Training is the way to efficiency

No matter what equipment or materials you are required to use in your job, you will always get the most out of them if you completely understand how they should be used and how they work. This leads to a reduction in waste as well as increased confidence for the workforce; where chemicals or machinery are involved, for example, it’s important to neither be too carefree nor too timid when handling them.

The right people for the job

A hiring policy that takes into account how much a candidate can demonstrate their responsible attitude will result in a workforce that allows individuals to rely on the sensible actions of those around them. Nobody wants to work near or with somebody who takes chances and behaviour that suggests somebody might do that should be addressed immediately. Where reliability is strong, productivity can thrive.

Through the provision of a clean, safe and healthy environment, you are ensuring that your staff, customers and any other visitors can carry out their activities without unnecessary concerns. As the old wives loved to tell us – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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How to Create Safe, Optimal and Cost-effective Environment for Your Staff